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Australians love their pets, especially cats and dogs. And as everyone who has a pet knows, they need their own food bowls, pet beds, and play toys. Having our own bed is important to us, and so it is for our pets (when they are not sharing ours).

There are a variety of pet beds from quite simple to extremely elaborate. This article is about pet beds that are easy to incorporate into your home, not too expensive and relatively easy care. There are also ideas for built-in pet beds, which usually still require some type of bedding.

Images courtesy of decordemon.com and porticodesign.com

Of course there are very inventive ways of creating your own pet bed either by recycling a suitcase (very clever) or incorporating space in some cool design element. Or designing what amounts to a piece of flexible furniture (below) from Murphy’s Paw. Now you see it…now you don’t.

Images courtesy of Murphy’s Paw. www.murphyspawdesign.com

Another flexible way to provide cosy pet beds is with sheepskins. Ikea sells sheepskin rugs at very reasonable prices and they can be put on top of a pet bed. Or…dyed to be part of the room design (below).

Images courtesy of Cloud Hunter. www.cloudhunterco.com

Popular ways to integrate pet beds is by cleverly using kitchen or laundry space. Pet beds, feeding stations and wash areas for pets are becoming more popular. If you have the luxury of designing these spaces, then consider a dedicated pet area.

Interior design by www.harrisondesign.com. Canvas Chevron Pet Beds from Deals Direct (click image)

These zig-zag stripe  Canvas Chevron Pet Beds. are made from cotton canvas & are stylish, sturdy and comfortable. 60 x 90cm $19.96 and 80 x 110cm $31.96. Buy now.

Interior design bywww.landsenddev.com. Modern Kalahari bean bags from Furniture Runway (click image)

A modern & stylish pet bed that comes in several colours, the Kalahari is AZO free, UV protected, durable and light weight. It requires 82L of polystyrene beads (available from K-Mart for about $10) not included. Buy Now.

Interior design by Gelotte Honnas Architecture. wwwgelottehonnas.com. Flat bed from Animal Instinct (click image)

Classic steel tubing with plastic backing, this off-the-ground bed from Animal Instinct is good for pets with joint issues as they are off a hard surface. And you can add a woolly overlay, sheepskin or rug to make it more snug in winter. You can now SAVE 38% Small now $30.95 and Large now $35.95. Buy Now.

And cats are not forgotten (heaven forbid!)

Cat sling/hammock SAVE 38% now $19.95. Click image.

You know cats like to sleep in weird places, so buy them their own cool hammock to have fun in. It comes in three colours – blue, green or camo grey – and is a comfortable and hygienic way for cats to hang around the house. The breathable swag canvas allows for ventilation yet contracts in the cold for warmth. Heavy clips allow the cat hammock to be slung from any safe place.

Mod Dream Pod just $75.95 (click image)

The most unique cat bed on the market, the Mod Dream Pod zips together making a private retreat for felines (or small dogs). It has a rugged exterior but lycra interior that includes a comfortable polyfill pillow. Two colour ways – green/back or tan/black $75.95. Also available in half pods from $31.95.

Pet Egg Bed $47.96 (click image)

Modern design with an encapsulating shape that will make your pet feel secure. Includes a polka-dot removable cushion for added comfort. Available in mint green, baby pink or lilac. Just $47.96. Buy Now.

And…back to the dogs.

Wine barrel bed seen at Barkitecture. Top design from artisticreno.com. Buddy Bed from Good Dog (click image)

If you like recycling you’ll like this – the Buddy Bed from Good Dog has removable cushion covers and a separate zippered inner for easier washing. You can also change the look with a different cover, or have a spare for when you wash the other. Natch! PLUS the base is covered in non-slip paws in case of over excited running leaps to the bed. Different sizes from $63.95.

Clever 2-in-1 convertible Ruffles pet bed from Petzgo, save 27% (click image)

The Petzgo Ruffles pet bed comes in small, medium (add $15) or large (add $53) this 2-in-one convertible pet bed is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Dry and soft, these beds do not absorb moisture, are non-allergenic and bacteria-free. 100% waterproof polyester. Buy Now.

Interior design image courtesy of Kailey J. Fynn Photography. Luxury pet sofas $103.20 (click image)

Soft, comfortable and the epitome of elegance, these luxury pet sofas are plush places to rest & will add style to your home. Choose from chocolate, zebra, or grey. Buy Now.

Got a small animal or baby native?

Periscope Pet Bed just $16.95 (click image)

It’s not all about cats and dogs, right? This soft microfibre pet bed has four clips for hanging making it a snug and cosy retreat for any small animal. It even has a 35cm lookout hole. The Periscope Pet Bed is juts $16.95.

For lots more pet bed ideas check our Deals Direct and WayFair.

Did you find some great inspiration for your own pet bed? Do you have a solution not seen here? Have you creatively incorporated pet beds into your decor?

Images courtesy of barbarabrightdesign.com and luxuriousdogbeds.co.uk

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