How To Incorporate A Pet Washing Station

If you’re dog is anything like mine, being washed is not high on their list of priorities. I prefer short haired dogs for shedding and washing reasons – and my preference is confirmed when the Golden Retriever next door pays one of his five daily visits to our property (I kid you not). He’s a very friendly dog, but big and HAIRY! His owners have a pet washing station.
Collie by and white puppy, Chloe, photo taken by the Author

My dog, Chloe, (the cute little white puppy above) is washed once a week minimum, in the bath with a hand shower attachment. She doesn’t like it but, being white, she needs it and she tolerates it.

So it did get me thinking about where and how we wash our dogs, and even cats come to that. Although when I was a cat owner, I NEVER washed them; they were very adept at doing that themselves. Unlike the hapless dog who romps gaily through unmentionables and then expects to lounge all over the couch. So how do you incorporate a proper pet washing station in your home? Laundries are the most obvious choice but I also found outdoor and in-garage options too.
Interior design by (left) and (right) Peter A. Sellar Architectural Photography
Garage wash station by Dijeau Poage Construction and outdoor washing area by Phil Kean Design

The best design options include;

– full plumbing

– flexible handheld shower-head attachment

– containment, your pet can’t easily break free

– non-slip and non-porous surfaces

– ease of entry

– space for grooming items, towels and sometimes food

Some people have a full on Pet Parlour where dogs can be washed, fed, groomed and pampered. The one below also features hand-written tags on the cupboard doors, plenty of drawer space for towels, food and toys and feeding station.
Pet Parlor by Savvy Cabinetry by Design

If a full-on pet washing station isn’t in your budget or space, maybe a portable, folding pet grooming table might suit you. The one below has a stainless steel frame and non-slip table top amongst other features. The grooming arm is optional. As shown, it’s $305 from
Dog courtesy of

Of course grooming a dog, or cat, requires a few care products too. There are many options now for doggie shampoos and conditioners. I use Rufus & Coco for Chloe and have found their whitening shampoo to be excellent. It doesn’t irritate her delicate skin and doesn’t have a strong perfume. Click here to see a great range including (shown below) the on-the-road 5 of the best pack $69.95, the sparkling white pack $45.95 and end-the-itch pack $52.95.
Interior design by Visbeen Architects

Other options are the ‘squirt’ range of products which retail at $14.95. To see the full range Click Here.
Interior by Back Construction

For every wet pet you need a towel, so the Allpaws Microfibre Pet Towel from is perfect. They are an efficient time saver effectively removing moisture and dirt from your pet’s fur. Pet hair easily rinses off the towel, saving you the stress of a washing machine full of hair. The microfibre is also bacteria resistant so you will not end up with residual unpleasant odours in the towel. Conveniently lightweight and compact, these towels will easily travel where ever required. Choose from 2 practical colour combinations: Brown with Orange trim or Teal with Lime trim. Size: 60cm x 90cm. Just $19.95

And whilst I might be shamelessly dog focused, I haven’t forgotten about cats who may require some grooming. This clever Sophisticat Pack contains a slicker brush, cat tag, safety bell and cric print cat collar with diamentes, making your cat the flashiest on the block. Just $38.95 with FREE shipping. Click here for more info.
Beautiful cat image from The Eclectic Creative Studio in Melbourne.


Do you have a designated pet washing station? Would you like to incorporate one in your home? Or is the garden hose the go?

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