Pooches Nursed Back to the High Life

Nurse Abbie Sission, 23 from Derbyshire, has devoted herself to pampering 9 pooches that not only have their own Instagram account, Toosmallforteacups, but has over 30,000 followers.

Sission rescued 5 of the dogs and nursed them back to health and to trust humans again. In the last 5 years she has spent over 25,000 pounds to rescue the pooches and give them a pampered life.

The pooches count Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Charlotte Crosby among their 30,000 followers. The little canines are showered with the latest doggy apparel, have their own swimming pool and sleep in four poster dog beds.

Abbie Sisson with her pampered pooches
Abbie Sission with her pampered pooches

The glamorous pack include Chihuahuas Pixie, Tink, Sky, Murray, Maisy, Wendy, Lulu and Thelma, and petite Pomeranian, Dolly.

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Abbie has admitted: ‘I’ve spent at least £25,000 on my dogs but they are worth every single penny.’

‘The thing I like the most is that they are so loving they just want to spend time with you all the time.’

She further explained: ‘They just want to be sitting on your knee and cuddling up with you on the sofa, they are really, really loyal.’

‘I do think it is a lot of money but they are worth it to me.’

Abbie started the Instagram account 5 years ago when she got her first Chihuahua. The account went viral after celebrities started liking and commenting on her pictures.

Miniature Pomerania, Dolly
Miniature Pomeranian, Dolly

The dogs own thousands of pounds worth of apparel, toys and are very cultured, being chaufered on trips around the country. They will be starting swimming lessons in a couple of weeks time.

They have their own personal groomer who does their nails and hair at home.

The dogs are also gifted with products from adoring followers. Outfits, booties and custom bow ties are sent for the dogs to model in and show of their wares on Instagram.

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Abbie gets many enquiries about pedigree pups, but she has a strict criteria and won’t let owners with children under 10 or larger dogs become owners.

Abbie’s family aren’t quite as clucky about the pooches. ‘My mum thinks I’m mad to have so many dogs but they’re my babies and I’m already thinking about getting more.’




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