$10 Kris Kringle Gifts For Her

Kris Kringle Gifts are a popular way to exchange gifts between colleagues and families with a large number of relatives. Usually $10 is the budget allowed for each gift which can be challenging and often results in a budget overspend by a couple of dollars.

Don’t let that be you this year. We have found some really cool gifts that cost under $10. Of course if you buy gifts online, you will be hit with a shipping charge. To avoid the extra costs in shipping, buy more gifts from the store online to receive free delivery, or alternatively buy the gifts instore as many of these gifts can be purchased at their bricks and mortar store.

The key to finding a successful Kris Kringle gift is thinking beyond the standard mug or candle. There are some amazing items that be useful that meet under the $10 budget. Here are what we were able to source.

Kris Kringle Gifts for Under $10 for her

  1. David Jones Watermelon and Guava Soap $9.95
  2. Carve Your Own Card (out of wood) $7.95
  3. Witchery Gun Metal Rectangular Hoop Earrings $9.95
  4. Chill Out Drink Bag $5.95
  5. Silver Bauble with Bronze Metallic top $9.95
  6. Peter Alexander Gingerbread Man Print Eye Mask $10.00
  7. Zanui Antique Display Plate $6.96
  8. Lattice Tea Light Candle Holder $4.95
  9. Freckleberry Choc Red Tree $7.95
  10. Davis Waddell Oriental Soup Spoons $9.95

Does you work do a Kris Kringle gift exchange? Do you spend over budget on your Kris Kringle gift?

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